Curriculum vitae

b. 1973 Riga, Latvia

Lives and works in Espoo, Finland

Selected Exhibitions

2023  Underwater illusions. Solo show in Galleria 2, Pirkkala, Finland

2023  Runojen mosaiikki. Summer ehxibition of Espoo Visual Artists, gallery Aarni, Finland

2021  Virtual exhibition of Artist Association of Latvia

2020  Barcelona Academy of Art, virtual portrait exhibition

2020  Juried exhibition of Swedbank, Riga, Latvia

2020  Virtual exhibition of Artist Association of Latvia

2019  Juried exhibition of Latvian Forests, Riga, Latvia

2019  J.Pigoznis juried landscape exhibition, Riga, Latvia

2019  Juried exhibition of SEB, Riga, Latvia

2013  Summer exhibition of Repin-institute, Kotka, Finland


2017-2021  B.Sc. in Fine Arts, ArtAcademy of Latvia

2012-2013  Repin-institute of classical painting, Kotka, Finland

2008-2009  Art- and stained glass design, IKATA, Finland

Additional Studies

2020  Online workshop with Amaya Gurpide, Spain/USA

2014  Oil painting workshop with Charles Weed, Svendborg, Denmark

2013-2014  Art history, Open University of Helsinki

2010-2012  Art foundation course for adults, Vantaa Adult Education Centre, Finland

2009  Egg tempera workshop withKoo Schadler, Sedona, USA

2005  Egg tempera workshop with Koo Schadler, Brattleboro, USA


Probationary member of Finnish Artist Association

Member of Espoo Visual Artists

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